How SEO Can Help Increase Your Business Sales

How SEO Can Help Increase Your Business Sales In 2019

In this digital age when more than 3.2 billion people use the internet, it has become crucial for businesses to have their presence online in order to expand their reach and compete with other companies around the world. However, having a website or online blog is not any worth if it does not attract visitors or potential customers.

The most crucial factor for the online success of a business is how it performs when on the internet people search for products that the company sells. Research shows that 72% of the internet users will go to websites that appear on the first page of the search engine results in response to their online search. But, how do some websites rank higher in search engine page results (SERPs) than other sites selling the same or even better-quality products? The reason is that webpages that rank higher in SEPRs have better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) than their competitor’s.

What is SEO?

In simple words, SEO is a process to make websites perform better in search engine results. Search Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo perform a series of steps to display results in response to user queries. These search engines look for certain aspects of websites available on the internet and rank them accordingly. Websites that are designed as per the guidelines of the search engine perform better in search results. Thus, SEO is the process to optimise the content of a site, i.e. its keywords, images, and text according to the guidelines of the search engines.

To survive in the online competition, SEO is imperative for businesses.

Search engine optimisation is important because:

As discussed above, 72% of Internet users are likely to click on one of the SERP’s top five suggestions. So, your website needs to be in higher positions to gain more website visitors or customers.

If your website has excellent SEO, then the chances are that it can rank at the top of SEPRs. Research shows that if two sites sell/provide the same product/service, the websites at the top will have a higher number of visitors and more sales than the competitor website. The reason is that people on the internet trust search engine results and click on site that is at the top. If you search for a product on Google, which web page will you click first? The one at the top or bottom of the search results?

How does SEO help Your Business?

Businesses are spending a fortune in optimising their websites for the search engines. A report by Borrell Associates forecasts that SEO-related spending will be worth $80 billion by 2020.

Why are businesses spending so much money on SEO?

Below are some of the remarkable benefits that SEO offers for your business.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

Improved Search Engine Ranking means your business will have more exposure in the online world. If your website is optimised correctly, it will attract targeted traffic/visitors to your site that will be relevant to your industry.

Better Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the ratio of the number of people that choose to be your customers to the total number of persons that visit your web page. The highly targeted SEO will help attract genuine visitors to your website. In this way, your business will stand a better chance at converting those one-time visitors into recurrent customers resulting in increased sales and higher revenues.

Brand Awareness

Consider the example of Since everyone shops from Amazon, so do we. Visibility plays a vital role in making your brand famous. Having better SEO will help your website to be in the top SEPRs resulting in enhanced visibility and Brand awareness. Ranking higher for multiple keywords plays a significant role in Brand awareness.

To improve your online business prospects, it is crucial that you must consider investing in SEO. Just putting up a business website on the internet is not enough. It needs to be optimised for search engines for getting measurable and tangible results that help you stand out in today’s marketplace.